QuickCure Rain Sensor Gel QC-12, 12ML Gel, 3 Nozzles

Sale price$18.00


With 12ML gel and 3 nozzles, this multi-use kit can be used to make 3 sensor pads

After one use, keep the mixing nozzle on the syringe until next use.

Ready for a new application? Simply remove the old nozzle and put on a new one

Marcy's QuickCure gel saves you both time and money. It cures real quick—half the time compared to other gels. And the QC12, with three times the gel (and nozzles). gives you multiple uses with a single dispenser. This cuts waste and cost. Quick, convenient, and cost-saving. Marcy QuickCure.

  • Save time—cures in under 4 minutes at 70º (less than half the time of leading gels)
  • Cut Waste—use just what you need with the multi-use QC12
  • Save Money—lower price, plus quick cure and no-waste means big savings
  • Clean & easy removability when fully cured—great for repeat customer/warranty work

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