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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Rubber Gasket Locking Strip Tool with 2 Eyelets, LST-2E
Molding Maker/Cutter, MM-1
Sale price$24.00
Molding Maker/Cutter, MM-1
This is a picture of a 5-piece installation kit lined up vertically and side-by-side used in auto glass replacement
Sale price$49.90
5-Piece Installation Kit
Molding Release Tool Auto Glass Removal - Kimbridge
Sale price$7.00
Molding Release Tool
This is a photo of a double-end molding release tool. It has a red handle is the middle and two metal bits on either side.
This is a photo of a double-direction molding release tool. It is made of dark metal that splits into two, attached to a red handle.

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