We have come to know who you are - you are the no-nonsense glass guys, working hard to give your family a better life. When it comes to tools, you have no time for the frilled and the fancy. You want value for your hard-earned money, and you deserve it.
On this, we are very much the same – we’ve been working hard to find the products you need, without spending unnecessarily. For that reason, we carry only the items you use often, not the ones you use once every two years. In other words, we try hard to save you money by keeping things simple. We believe in minimalism. 
Quality is one of our company’s non-negotiable values. We save on packaging and marketing, but never cut corners on quality. We source products from all over the world: from China to Taiwan, to the US to Europe to find the highest-quality products at the lowest prices possible, and put them in one convenient place for you. We look forward to being your auto glass toolbox filled with moldings, tools, blades, accessories and more.


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