Never a bad idea to have some more layers on a cake, but definitely no good to have too many in a supply chain. More layers mean lower efficiency, increased cost and higher price for customers.

For many years though, say, a guy needed to buy a molding cutter in Toronto. The typical journey for the cutter was: made in Taiwan, wrapped up in an expensive package, shipped to Texas, then Montreal, and finally a warehouse in Toronto before being finally delivered to the buyer.

The journey was too long and we decided to do something about it: cut off some layers, try to be the only man between factory and customers, get rid of the frills to save money for customers as glass guys are a no-nonsense bunch. When it comes to tools and supplies, they have no taste for the frills and the fancy. Just quality and value.

People were understandably skeptical of course: I used to pay $19 for the scraping handle. Is the $9 one really as good? But we persevered and won trust from all over the places. We’ve proudly shipped to all provinces/territories in Canada, including Yukon and Nunavut, as well as the United States, Mexico, Ireland and Malta, to name just a few.

We are grateful for the customers who trust us, even more so for the hundreds of them who have given us 5-star reviews. Your trust means a ton to us. We know we are still an underdog. At least we’ll keep behaving like one: remain humble, work hard, go the extra length. We are determined to be your go-to supplier of moldings, tools, glass accessories and shop essentials for many years to come.



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