Quick-Fix Professional Repair Kit QF4000

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Quick-Fix most popular tool

Now contains the new portable LED UV Light.
Comes with two rechargeable Lithium Batteries, Charger and Stand. Cures super fast, one minute or less.
Contains all of the basic components for professional repairs.
Includes Training Manual and Video.

1 x Training DVD (Part QF-142)
1 x Repair Bridge (Part QF-114)
2 x Ultra Thin Resin (Part QF-101)
1 x Pit Fill Resin (Part QF-109)
1 x Rechargeable Mini Drill (Part QF-131)
1 x A General Purpose Resin (Part QF-103)
1 x Portable LED UV Flashlight style curing light (Part QF-178)
*Comes with Two Lithium batteries, charger and stand
5 x Razor Blades
5 x Carbide Drill Bits (Part FG-170)

15 x Quad O-Rings (Part QF-118)
5 x
 Round O-Rings (Part QF-119)
1 x Pit Polish (Part QF-146)
1 x Scribe (Part QF-144)
1 x Funnel (Part QF-160)
50 x Curing Tabs (approx.) (Part QF-136)
1 x Protective Eye Wear (Part QF-155)
1 x Instruction Manual (Part QF-169)
1 x Training DVD (Part QF-142)
1 x Carrying Case

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