15MM Underside Molding UM-15B, Price for a Pack of 5 Rolls (750FT)

Sale price$319.00


15mm underside with a 5mm lip and 3M tape (yes, 3M tape!)

Note: it is 150 feet per roll while competitions are normally 75', 90' or 100', so please take this into consideration when do price comparison

Made of TPV, a material highly weather resistant. No matter where and when you do your job, the molding will remain flexible and ready to go

5 Rolls/Box, 150FT/Roll, 750FT/Box

Please  pictures for profile (you'll see the difference from UM-15) and exact measurement. The item # is UM-15B

Similar to GGG Part# T203

Price per FT: 0.43

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