51C4-M UltraWiz® Coated UltraThin XL Paint Protection Blade, 1-1/2"

Sale price$55.99


The UltraThin Paint Protection Blades ("Coated Blades" for short) are the strongest, thinnest, coated coldknife blades available! The coating protects automotive paint from scratches and damage while cutting out windshields or back glasses with exposed pinchwelds. The coating is applied heavily to the backside of the blades where it is needed, but very thin on the inside surface which goes against the glass. This feature is critical because of the limited clearance between the glass and pinchweld due to new vehicle designs. With enough clearance for the blade between the glass and body, the concerns about scratching and pinchweld paint damage are greatly reduced.

10 per Box
1 1/2" Cut Length
Use for wide urethane beads and corners
Works best when precut with our Standard Blade

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