MSP1659 Rain Sensor Pad, Comparable to GGS1659 and RSK1659

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Comparable to Gold Glass Group GGS1659 and Precision RSK1659


DW1659/1727/1798/1817/1877/1935 FW2915/3137/3310/3442 And etc. mostly GM/Chevy, Nissan and Infinity vehicles

Marcy Sensor Pads are made using a special, fingerprint-resistant silicone. The patented clamshell molds produce a consistent shape and thicker pad, making for a better fit and contact to glass. Helps you to avoid air pockets. Protective package makes pads easy to remove and apply, free from contaminants. No hassles with bags or hard-to-remove liners. User-friendly, cost-effective, consistent quality. Marcy Sensor Pads.

  • Fingerprint-resistant
  • Thicker for better fit
  • Silicone for easy handling
  • Easy-to-use package
  • Made in USA

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